Are you looking to BUY, SELL, LEASE or RENT an HMO property ?

Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re the UK’s no one HMO specialist.

Are you looking to Finance or Re Mortgage an HMO ?  We can help as we work closely with Lenders who specialise in HMO lending.

We are a dedicated property broker, focused on selling vacant or tenanted HMO property throughout the UK.


How We Can Help

Whilst were like other agents in the fact that we sell properties, we’re also very different. We specialise in HMO’s and over 80% of our HMO business comes from professional HMO landlords and developers who have experienced our services. A percentage also comes from HMO owners that have been on the market with local agents and been unsuccessful.

  • We fully understand HMOs.
  • We’ve bought and sold substantial number of HMOs for clients.
  • We’ve worked with over a 1000 HMO Vendors, Purchasers, Solicitors, Lenders Etc
  • We understand HMO licensing.
  • We understand HMO planning.
  • We understand HMO valuations.
  • We understand HMO fire requirements.
  • We understand & arrange HMO Financing
  • We Understand selling with Tenants in Situ

1. Valuation

We collect all required details and collate this into a valuation document. We present this to you and together  with you we decide on a pricing strategy.

2. Marketing

Once your property has been onboarded with us, Your HMO property will be presented OFF MARKET to our list of HMO buyers, investors & professional landlords. We do not advertise on the property portals like rightmove, zoopla etc as we strongly believe that we are able to achieve a better price and most importantly by marking Off Market current tenants do not get unsettled.

As HMO landlords and operators are aware, there are a lot of moving parts with HMO properties therefore we strongly believe it’s important to give all potential buyers total clarity on what they are buying to allow for a smooth transaction.

We PRE QUALIFY ALL interested parties before any viewings are taken place.

3. Sale

  • The moment we start to market your HMO, we help prepare the legal pack ie searches and all required paperwork and liaise with your solicitor, to get your solicitor prepared for the transaction.
  • We again Pre Qualify the the purchasers finance and make sure this is in place.
  • We prepare and send out the Memorandum of Sale to all parties concerned.
  • We will hold your hand throughout the transaction process and keep you updated.
  • We continue liaising with both sets of solicitors till completion of sale.
  • Once we receive confirmation from the solicitors that the transaction has completed, we take all meter readings and collect all the keys and hand them over to the purchaser.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the process work ?

    We operate a regular property agency model, where we work for you to maximise the potential value of your HMO in today’s market. We gather all the data, conduct a valuation, introduce the property to market and get it sold. Simple.

    Is selling an HMO complicated ?

    Yes. HMOs have many more moving parts when compared to single dwellings (normal properties). Our mission is to simplify the process by breaking everything down and giving you and the purchaser maximum transparency along the way.

    How quickly I am likely to sell ?

    If the property is priced correctly, it should get a sale agreed within 28-56 days of going to market. It has been as quick as 7 days, but also sometimes things do take longer, with the correct pricing 28 days is very possible.

    Once I have a sale agreed, how fast will the transaction be ?

    HMOs have more complexity associated with them. HMO licensing, planning, management, fire safety etc so they typically have more legal work associated with them and can take a bit long. With cash purchases, the average time to go through conveyancing is approximately 6 weeks start to finish but does vary depending on complexity. With mortgage purchases the additional element to factor in is the valuation, which can take from 2 weeks depending on the availability of a surveyor. A 7 day exchange is possible as long as we have all the paperwork in place and proactive solicitors on both sides.

    Are there any upfront costs ?

    No, there are ZERO upfront costs. Like any normal agent, we only get paid once you are sold and get paid at completion via your solicitor.

    What are the benefits of using an HMO specialist ?

    The main benefit is that you will have 100% HMO expertise from start to finish from a specialist HMO sales company that has handled and experienced multiple HMO transactions over many years.

    Is there a contract ?

    Yes we have a standard agency agreement template which has an initial period of 3 months. It details what your expectations are of us, and ours of you, and it makes doing business clean, simple & enjoyable for both parties. Feel free to contact us for a copy.

    What happens if the property doesn’t sell ?

    If the property doesn’t sell then you pay ZERO and you are free to move in any direction you feel comfortable.

    How do you value or price the property ?

    We have many years experience and data when valuing an HMO, but normally we are led by owner. We can give you our indications, but the choice is up to you, vendors often know more about the local market conditions. We are always open to discussing the valuations and pricing.

    Where do you advertise ?

    Your HMO property will be presented OFF MARKET to our list of HMO buyers, investors & professional landlords. We do not advertise on the property portals like rightmove, zoopla etc as we strongly believe that we are able to achieve a better price and most importantly by marking Off Market current tenants do not get unsettled.

    How are you different from a traditional estate agent ?

    We are both different and alike local agents. 90% of local agents HMO transactions are unsuccessful because they don’t understand HMO’s properly. 95% of our HMO transactions are successful because we have intimate knowledge and the understanding of HMO properties and most importantly the HMO sales process.

    Is there a fast cash purchase option ?

    Yes we have excellent relationships with professional property buyers with cash funds. This solution is really for people who really need speed and certainty. In exchange the price you will be offered will be less than what you will be able to achieve on the open market. We will help you manage this process to ensure you get what is promised.

    What documents will I need to prepare ?

    Any good quality buyer will want to see most of the following so best get your documents ready as soon as you can. HMO Floor Plan, Building Regulation Certificate, HMO Planning Documentation, Fire Alarm Certificate, HMO Licence Certificate, Electrical Safety Certificate, RICS Valuation (if available), High-Resolution Marketing Photos, Rental Schedule, Management Contract (if using a management agent) – We will be happy to help you with this – please contact our office on 0203 713 4667 0r 07500 55 55 60 (24 Hours).

    How do i get started ?

    Simply fill out the form on this page and book in for a confidential call to discuss your HMO alternatively call 07500 55 55 60 ( 24 hours) or 0203 713 4667 to speak with our team member immediately.