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If you’re facing property repossession, we can swiftly provide solutions and support to prevent you losing your property. We can help whether your property is being repossessed by

  • Divorce
  • Financial Difficulties
  • Buy to Let – Non-Paying Tenant
  • Probate Property Issues
  • Loss of Employment
  • Business issues

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Stop a Repossession Order

Homeowners facing the threat of repossession often find themselves caught in an embarrassing situation as well in a complex web of challenges, navigating court proceedings, mounting legal fees, and the pressure of keeping up with mortgage repayments, hoping to avoid the dire consequences of legal action through repossession proceedings.

Receiving a repossession order can be distressing, which is why our repossession team is on-hand 24/7 to offer you our experienced support to stop the legal action by the lender and offer practical solutions.

We can help stop a repossession order at any time, nearly up until eviction time.


There are options.

  • Negotiate the Arrears
  • Possible Refinance
  • Sale
  • Time Extension

There are more options depending on your situation. Please contact our team who will be happy to discuss these with you on 0203 713 4667


Professional Advice

We are committed to helping you stop your property repossession. We’ll give you practical and expert advice throughout the process to find a solution that works for you and within the required time frame. Our team can work with lenders to negotiate repayment plans and provide other options, such as raising finance, bridging loans and insolvency solutions, to help you stop repossession.

We provide thorough, financial advice and help you stop the repossession, whatever your financial situation or personal profile.

Home Repossession FAQ’s

How can I stop house repossession?

You’ll need to present your lender with a clear, reasonable plan that could work to resolve the debts you owe. Remember that it’s better to present some kind of repayment strategy, even if you think there’s little chance of success – taking no action throughout the process could give your lender the legal upper hand.

Starting a written dialogue with the mortgage lender will at least buy you more time if nothing else. You will need to keep copies of all the letters like these that you send to your lender as well as everything they send you. It’s tempting to think that a few phone calls can be a shortcut for you, but you’re going to want to generate a paper trail that you can show in court if necessary.

Instruct us and we will work with you to understand your circumstances. We will then be able to propose a solution to you, which may include being able to arrange the finance for you that you require.

How can I pay off mortgage arrears?

You’ll need to start by contacting your lender. Look at the last mortgage statement or letter you received from your lender to get the correct address and the name of the person or division of people handling your loan. Keep the tone of your letters kind but formal.

Tell them in your own words a summary of why you’re behind on the mortgage payments and how you’d like to make up the payments. You may find it useful to include an optimistic statement about how your financial matters will eventually improve due to your plan to, for example, increase your income, receive insurance benefits, get government financial assistance etc.

Close on a positive note by mentioning anything good about your history, like previous payments you’ve made on time and if you still have equity in your home, meaning that your property’s worth more than the amount due on your mortgage. You’ll want to give your lender a good reason to file your case in their “not urgent” category of papers. They’ll appreciate hearing something from you much more than waiting around to see if you care enough to respond to their notices about late payments.

As well as having our own funds available to provide to clients, we can arrange finance for homeowners in all circumstances, for example, an impaired credit file. Our bespoke financial solutions have proven to prevent many homeowners from losing their properties and is available immediately.

What do I do if my lender has already filed a claim against me?

Step 1 contact us IMMEDATELY07500 55 55 60 (24 hour line)

Step 2 We’ll help you to put together evidence that you can resolve your mortgage problems and pay back the money owed to your lender.

Step 3 We will help you to prepare for your hearing, it’s time to get together all the papers that support your claim to keep the property, we will give you a list of required items.

Step 4 Instruct Counsel to defend you in court or negotiate an out of court settlement prior to entering the courtroom.

Contact our team today for advice and support. Our friendly team has ample experience of the repossession process from start to finish and we are confident that we will be able to help you.

How do I deal with repossession?

Contact us on 0203 713 4667 We will provide step-by-step guidance to dealing with repossession and can help you with the steps of the process and help with find a solution for you to stop the repossession.

How long does a repossession take?

The length of time it takes to repossess a property depends on how you communicate with the lender and the strength of the negotiations. Normally, a possession order will not be issued before you’ve missed six months of mortgage payments. From receiving the possession order to having your home repossessed, it could take a few months, with court hearings schedules and negotiations potentially lengthening this enabling you enough time to find a practical solution.

Please contact our team on 0203 713 4667, who will be happy to provide you with further information.

Can you appeal a repossession?

An appeal can only be submitted once a decision / Judgement has been made in court.

If your court hearing went against you and they’ve issued the repossession order, you may be able to suspend the possession order or appeal to another judge.

You and the Lender can renegotiate your terms and repeal the repossession order, even up until the day of eviction.

Please contact our team on 0203 713 4667, who will be happy to provide you with further information.

Why should I sell my house to stop repossession?

In some circumstances, it may work out better to sell the property to stop a repossession. However, we would advise that you contact one of our team members on 0203 713 4667 today to understand the options that are available to you and then make the decision that works best for you.

Can you get a mortgage after a home repossession?

Yes, it is possible to get a mortgage after a home repossession. However, the process is more complicated and requires you to prove that your financial situation has improved since the repossession of the property. You may need to provide proof of steady employment and income, as well as evidence that you can make timely payments on your mortgage. In addition, lenders will likely require a larger down payment than usual to offset potential risks.

Please contact Saroj on 0203 713 4667 who will be happy to provide you with further information.

How long can you not pay your mortgage before repossession?

Typically, a possession order won’t be issued before you’ve missed six months of mortgage payments. After your first month of missed payments, your lender will send you a polite notice requiring you to pay. These will become more frequent as time goes on, especially if you don’t proactively contact your lender to start the negotiation process.

IMPORTANT – your credit profile will be impacted after you have missed your mortgage payment, as you miss further mortgage payments the heavier the impact

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